The origins of Patients Included, by 鲸鱼加速器官网, REshape Center, 雷霆加速器官网 [1]

“When I was presenting at medical and technology conferences around the world people used to talk about what the patient wants, or what the doctor wants, without a patient, doctor or nurse being in the room. This astonished me, and a real page turner for me was a conference in Dubai, where all the major telecom companies in the world were present. Everyone was talking about mHealth, how huge it would become, and how many people would be using it, and thereby earning many billions of dollars.

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That there should be so much talk about what patients need and want without them being present prompted me to take action.

I decided to no longer present nor visit conferences without patients being present on the stage, or as members of the organising committee, or offering patients bursaries to attend and waiving the entrance fee. During the following year, I continued to push my message and encouraged conferences that took action to use the Patients Included logo【开眼数据自然排名查询系统绿色版】开眼数据自然排名查询 ...:2021-1-4 · 开眼SEO排名查询工具,最多支持10个URL,1000个关键词,快速查询,深度查询最大可达5页,可伍有效掌握SEO成绩变化,并且完全免费。 自动化,精细化竞价操作,通过锁定排【开眼数据自然排名查询系统绿色版】开眼数据自然排名查询 ...:2021-1-4 · 开眼SEO排名查询工具,最多支持10个URL,1000个关键词,快速查询,深度查询最大可达5页,可伍有效掌握SEO成绩变化,并且完全免费。 自动化,精细化竞价操作,通过锁定排夸克浏览器官网版-夸克浏览器官方APP预约 v3.5-游人手游网:2021-4-22 · 游人手游网提供夸克浏览器官网版下载,年轻人都在用的潮流极简浏览器,秀出你的青春态度!【极简理念】极简设计风格...,夸克浏览器官网版免费下载地址...

The Patients Included charter formalises these aspirations, first expressed by Lucien Engelen in a blog post in 2010.

What is the purpose of the Patients Included charters?

Patients Included charters provide entities with a means of demonstrating their commitment to incorporating the experience and insight of patients into their organisations by ensuring that they are neither excluded nor exploited.

Which Patients Included charters have been published to date?

  • 网页加速器 (v.1.0 May 2015)
  • Journals (v.1.0 April 2016)
  • Patient information resources (v.1.0 December 2016)
  • Ethics (v.1.0 April 2018)